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The Complete Guide To Tick Tock Ads 2021

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all right youtube in this video we’re

going to talk about is tick tock

ads right we’re going to talk about

advertising on tick tock

so why are we talking about that right

with all the changes and limitations

that are going on with

facebook and with other platforms like


with the ios and the new upgrades and

stuff of 2020

uh toward the end going into 2021 we

need to have as many platforms as we

possibly can

so i want to show you a quick and easy

alternative and this

is going to be tick tock now when it

comes to tick tock a lot of people think

that you have to actually

have your voice and you actually have to

do with your phone or you have to do

some kind of

you know dancing and stuff or whatever

the case may be because of that


because again you may think your

demographic’s not on tick tock but it

is so there’s a way to go about it and

way to actually make this and you can

simply do this

you know using canva and then adding the

music into canva

using that and then uploading that just

as simple as that so i’m going to show

you in this video how to do that

and how to quickly do that so that you

can get throughout

the whole thing we’re not going to

actually we’re going to go through every

single detail so you can get

the full spectrum of how to do this

right so again when it comes down to it

just stick with this video and you’ll

see step by step of how to do that

and again there will be a link below if

you want to start your own tick tock


again there’s no actually affiliation or

nothing ties to that all you have to do

is start your

tick tock account add your information

and then start advertising now i will

show you a couple

key features that you need to know about

your landing pages

that need to be you know when you you

they’ll enable you to

make the ad but when it comes down to it

you’re going to have to have your

landing pages set up a proper way

before they’ll allow them to actually


so well let’s go ahead and actually look

at this so first

well and you’ll see this in in tick tock

right here is you’re going to have your


right so you’re going to have this is if

you if you know anything about

advertising you you’ve seen

say for instance um facebook advertising

are you seeing

different atmospheres like that or

twitter for that matter

or even google ads for that matter this

is very much the same way

so look at this so if this is the tick

tock back of the tic toc talk manager

right you have uh the campaign level you

have the ad

group right so i have one ad running

right now

and i currently have the ad budget at 20

dollars and five cents a day and that’s

getting a cost per conversion i’m

actually running a conversion ad right


this is the cost cover conversion is

going to be about three dollars

and 87 cents is what they’re saying now

we’re gonna see if that actually


but again when it comes down to it this

is the ad group so

there’s three levels right the campaign

the ad group

and the ads you’re currently running

right so similar to

just like facebook was or facebook is

for that matter

the facebook ads manager this is very

very much a

similar platform however you need to

have your ad set up a proper way i’m

going to show you how to do that

so uh when it comes to it you’re going

to use a tool

called canva you’re going to come in in

canva again i’ll have the links below if

you want to actually join canva

um i actually have a 12 account

so it’s like 12 hours a month or

something well again

you can get a free account if you want

and use it that way so i i just merely

type in tick talk and you type in tick

tock you get video

so that’s what you want you want to have

the video which is a a 1080 by

920 so you’re gonna just pick right here

this is going to give you a bunch of

default templates now depending upon

your niche

that’s where you’re going to pick what

you want to use right now again these

need to have

sound to these so i want you to make

sure that you understand the

sound is a very much a um something that

needs to be

part of this right so just like similar

to instagram or something like that

where you would use

a video capture or something of that

nature but

this needs to be have have a good sound

so we’re looking for a good

good solid video uh when it comes down

to it we’re going to show

a couple things now i in my instance i’m

just showing a training

yes or no do you want to be part of that

so this is very very simple right here

so we’ll come in here and pick this one

right here now the cool thing about this

and this is the reason i like canva is

you can actually change the speed

now i want to highlight a key factor in

here is your

ad needs to be anywhere from six seconds


up to 60 seconds right so the better

the more you can actually build it and

you can lengthen this with canva

at least with the um you know the 12

month plan you can link it i think you

can do that with the free account too


again so i’ll put this about 16 seconds

we’ll come up here and change the color

we’ll change the color to something like


makes it really kind of like eye popping

uh and then so we’re changing the back

color right here

you can easily change this pan you can

change that to a rise you can change it

to a pan you can change it to different

things so

when it comes in you can easily see the

different pop effects and stuff like

that so you can see the effects of

of how this would would actually work

right now

again when it comes down to it so now

we’re this is the pop effect

and we’ll have that now what we want to

do is we want to actually come in and

add some text to this so

at this point we’ll come in and add some


and this will be really really really


um you know just keep it as

niche dependent upon what you you know

is something that would be eye-catching

and to actually get them to click yes


then the cool thing about this is i want

to actually do

another little trick too is actually i’m

going to hide a url

inside of this yes button so i’m going

to grab a url

up here and i’m going to come up here

back to canva

to my camera right here i’m going to

click this button i’m going to go to the


and i’m going to paste that url in there

and apply so when i click the button

that’s two ways that you can actually

get a conversion right so that’s two

ways so if they click the yes button

it will do that and if they also click

the add it will do that as well

so there’s two simple ways to do this


we’re going to come in here we’re going

to add some text to this right so

let’s pick something really really

really uh quick and easy

just to kind of get this in there

um and then what we’ll do is you can

change the

look and feel of this so what i’ll do is

call this this is a plc


uh 20


and then down here you will call that

we’ll say voted best

plc training in

now this is something you need to be

really kind of critical of

making false claims or something like

that is something that may or may not

allow you to be again uh you know

approved and stuff like that so make

sure you uh you don’t

do any false claims and stuff like that

but we’re gonna actually increase the

text of this

come up here and increase the text to

let’s say 28

and voted best okay so

in our say

four three years


just keep it like that and then we’ll up

here we’ll we’re going to change this

top actually let’s come back in here and

put that back

and we’re going to change the color of

this because it seems to pop better if

it’s white

and it just makes it look that much

better so you can do that

and you can have and you can also

do it just like that it kind of because

it gives it that elongated

effect right so also too we added a link

up here so we want to make sure we don’t

underline anything

so anytime you add a link notice it will

actually have an underline effect

so make sure that you note that this

like if i add a link right here

it will come in and have an underlined


see that underline so we don’t want to

do that so

you can easily just under you know go up

to the underlying effect

and then take that off and that will

remove that

now in the case of what we’re doing we

don’t want to have a link right here so

i don’t want to have the link up here

so i’m not going to do that i’m going to

have the link on the yes button and

that’s just

as simple as that so i’m going to

increase this text a little bit more

and that way we have it just like that

so and then this text right here we can

increase that just a little bit more

maybe 144

and have that just like that now another

key thing i want to show you here is you


widen this up and get that

a little bit bigger right so what to kee

the key focus of what you’re trying to

do here you can move all the stuff if

you want but

the key focus of what you’re trying to

do is here is is trying to get the

the size of the phone right

and then not affect the animation right

so that’s that’s another thing

now here is here’s at the point where

we’re going to add some music into it

so when we come in here you have default

music you can have with canva and use

that default music with canva

but again when we talk about it tik tok

needs to have an

ability to have a some type of music or

or something that

you know and you can use the native

music on tick tock if you want but again

it’s just as easy to add this and build

this in

canva and then have it you know actually

come back in so

what i’ve done is i actually have some

default stuff that i have uploaded

and so for i’ll go to my audio that i

have uploaded and i’ll come over here

and pick that audio and i’ll just drag

it over here

and then that way you can kind of hear

the audio

as it’s playing and stuff like that so

we’ll come in here and then we’ll change


to uh plc training

uh version two

because actually did i did another

version and the cool thing about

before you download any of this right so

before you download any of it you can

actually come over here and preview this

and see exactly how it’s going to look

in your actual

inside of the ad so before you download

it you can actually see that

so i’ll come over here download so now

that we have our image what we’re going

to do is we’re going to build our

actual ad inside of tiktok now

using this again uh so it will take a

second for this to download so

instead of actually waiting for this

download we’re going to go ahead and go

to the tiktok

platform and we’re going to go to our

campaign level

now i’m going to come to campaign level

so i’m going to show you how to do this

from the very

start right so you’re going to create uh

create campaign and you have several


uh availabilities right here right so

you can actually go from

reach which is a campaign that you want

to go to if you’re trying to get

a more of a reach and get your brand

known um you have a conversion or

a consideration if you would that’s a

traffic and then you have an app

installed in the video view so if you’re

trying to get video views

this is something you can do as far as

that goes as well my

implementation and the way i am using

tick tock again using this in

this manner i’m going straight to


so i’m going to go straight to actually

having somebody click

off of my landing page are off of the

actual ad

the image that we just made the video

that we just made in canva

right we’re going to go directly from

that to

actual landing page so i’m going to

click conversion

and i’m gonna go to settings this is

where you can give your conversions a


we’ll call this plc training

uh version two

and you can a b test this if you want to

you can put a budget limit if you would

like to put a budget limit

again this depends on how you want to

actually you know

implement and go about your actual ad

budget right so when you come back and

you’re going to go to

the next section is the continue section

is where you’re going to basically do

your ad

group now just like in facebook


your ad group is basically going to be

broken down into your segmentation

like how do you want to to do your

interest do you want to do your interest

levels do you want to do certain age

groups do you want to do

men versus women do you want to do all

demographics do you want to do different


this is where you do that right so um

also too this is where you would have

your pixel now

tick tock does have a pixel just like

facebook right so

just the same exact way um that you are

you know are actually going back and

probably the reason you’re actually

trying to watch this video is because of

the simple fact of the ios

updates again with facebook and the data

collection and stuff like that right so


with the pixel data and the way you’re

doing things you want to actually be

able to

track that information right so you want

to be able to track so you can retarget


it’s not that you’re taking that

information and using that data

wrong you’re taking that information and

you’re you’re basically saying okay

this person did go from my ad to my

landing page and they didn’t buy

or they did buy you basically want to

understand that data

so that you can go back and advertise

back to that person later

if you need to right so this is where

you would have your pixel i already have

my pixel already have my conversion


a setup but again installing your pixel

is just as simple as going to your pixel


and installing the code just like you

would a facebook

pixel right very very simple um but

again we’re going to name

our actual ad group we’ll call this plc

training add

version 2.

we’ll just call it for the sake of this

video we’ll call ad group

so we’ll do that and then we’ll come

over here you can do automatic

placements now i don’t personally do

automatic placements

i just in this specific brand or this


niche i want all my transactions to go

through the us

or through canada so when it goes down

to it

when you do your automatic placements

it’s going to actually

occur when different locations so

basically it’s going to

actually go to different audience

segments right so you’re going to have

tick tock

you’re going to have news feeds apps

you’re going to have helio and you’re

going to have

other apps that basically i just don’t

want to actually advertise on

so i’m going to cut these off i just

want tick tock but themselves so i’m

going to actually go ahead

and make the ad specifically for just


tock right so i want to have the ability

to segment my audience

down to us right so and not to say you

can’t do that but

you can actually come over here and do

you can turn off the ability to do

a video download so allow the user to

download your video

that you actually made you can actually

come in and turn

off the effects of if you want somebody

to comment or not comment right

so depending upon your business model

that may help you and it may hurt you

again this is advertising so when it

comes down to it

you have to have the ability to comment

back or either you know come back and

adjust that if you need to so i’m going

to turn off the ability to

download my video because again i made

this video i don’t want anybody to

download it or use it

otherwise so it’s not like a like share

or something like that where you’re

making a video and you want somebody to

share it on another platform

right so when it comes down to it i’m

going to open up my

creative optimization up here

and this is where you get into your

audience in your audience section right

so when it comes down to your audience


this is where you’re you’re actually

gonna come in and you know change your

you know include this you know and not

include this is where

if you have pre-done audiences already

so i have

actually pre-done my audiences so i have

different audiences i could actually use

but again they’re not populated because

i just made them literally right before

this video

so again you can make their your your

audiences based upon your your pixel

data right which is basically your tick

tock pixel

right so again you can uh come back and


include and exclude you know from


you know targeting so say for instance

if you were going for a

sale on your store or on your actual

e-commerce or

whatever you were actually doing then

what you would do is if somebody

purchased from you you would trigger

that event and you would have that

person in a custom audience

so you don’t want to re-target and

re-advertise to the same person that

you’ve already sold to

unless you’re selling a different part i

know different product or different

service right

so in my case i’m not going to actually


our actually sell back to the same

person because i’m selling

one exact thing so i don’t want to


come back and do that so i can actually

exclude a audience right

so again when it comes down to it you

have to have pixel data so make sure you

have the pixel data before you can

you actually do this again mine are

brand new so i don’t have that actual

pixel data

i literally just made these audiences

before we made this video

so this is where i’m coming in and doing

my demographic where i can say okay

well i can easily come over here and say

i do or don’t want my demographic now i


in this case i want to come down and say

i just want people in the united states

or i just want people in united states

and canada

right so if you come over here you can

choose different um you can choose

different nations and stuff like that or

in this instance um you can break down


you know different states and stuff like

that as well now in different states

and and stuff you know if you this is in

saying okay

so i just want us but i know i just know

my audience is in

this state or i just know my audience is

in this state right so

say for instance you had a real estate

business in texas

or a you know some kind of personal like

a brand or something that just is based

in texas

i’m just using that as an example um

then you can actually come over here and

pick that audience

in this case we’re going to just say all

of the united states because i

am actually branding this and actually

you know advertising this

to the full united states so i want to

actually show that

now when it comes down to it i’m going

to pick mail i just happen to know from

facebook advertising that my demographic


largely a male audience so what i want

to do is actually

go ahead and you know sample that

audience again when it comes to

advertising you’re going to do different

things in different atmospheres to see

if it works right

so we’re going to come in here and say


to you know all the way up here right so

we’re going to basically just say

all the way so we’re going to pick our

our audience right here

and we’re going to come in here language

limitations i do want to put in

english so i’m going to type in english


and that would do that now interest

behavior i don’t really personally

care to do interest behavior because the

simple fact of

this you know i want to actually go to a

wide open audience and the very first

time you’re

starting advertising you want to go to a

wide open audience and test the waters

and see where you’re at right

you don’t want to assume that your

audience is here there or wherever

because you could be

aiming at the wrong direction and you

don’t even know it right let the data

tell you where to advertise to

and how are you going to do that you’re

just going to open that wide open

you’re going to say okay i don’t want

any kind of interest now

you need to have a higher budget if

you’re doing that i will say that

so please understand that but if you do

if you do want to come down and isolate

down you can isolate down to

you know whatever the case may be in

this case news gaming

uh you know food and beverage you can do

many many different things just like

facebook advertising

you can choose whatever you want to

electronics tech

in this case i can do tech come over

here and place that just right there

everything that you select will be you

know highlighted in the actual

selected above now again i’m not going

to actually choose anything

and then you’re going to choose liked

then you put your category you can put


but again i’m not going to choose

anything so it doesn’t really matter and

then the time period

right here you can put the time period

so what you’re saying is

these people in this case i can say

and just to give you a for instance

right i can i’ll go ahead and do this

i’ll say people that are in interested

in education

and they have liked an educational post

in the last

seven days right so i can choose the

category right so i’m not gonna actually


any of that because i’m i don’t really

care to i’m just gonna do a wide open

audience right

now this is where you get into your

budget now your budget will have to be a

little bit higher than you normally


on like a facebook ad no sometimes

people used to start out facebook ads

they used to go from

anywhere from a couple dollars to five

dollars to whatever the case may be to

even scaling it up after that this

you’re going to need to start out a

little bit higher so i’m going to say

just say 23

52. and now you may think why such a

weird number

because the simple fact of if somebody

is advertising at twenty dollars

and i imagine advertising at 23 say 52

or 23 dollars i’m going to beat out that

person in the

long run plus my cost per conversion

should be lower when it comes down to it

now again that is something you learn

with advertising and

over the years of advertising so i just

want to give you that that little tip

to see if that helps you now my goal

here is a conversion

um so my girl you can change your goal

right here in it

tick tock will give you a cost per

conversion minimum

so they’re going to give you an

estimated amount right so they’re going

to say okay

well what is your estimated bid for you

know per conversion right so what are


willing to pay per conversion i do know

that i’m selling a product for a set


and if i sell it for three dollars or

four dollars or five dollars or six


it’s well in the benefit of my business

to do so

so i’m going to go ahead and do that so

this gives me a um

just kind of a minimum or our projected

way to actually do that so you hit the


and then that’s going to give you that

or if you want to have it even higher or


you can is that that point now uh the

more options right here is going to tell


right here this is impressions so i

don’t want to be built upon impressions

i want to be built upon

clicks right so i want to change that

and i want to have my delivery type as

a standard delivery type right

so this goes over and gives you the

highlighted view of

basically your ad group and your ad set

right so this is basically going through

now we’ve made our campaign

where we’ve made our ad oh we want to

actually come in here

optimize optimize event make sure

um you do this i’m glad that it did that

because when you if you do make a

mistake and you do rush through it

it will come back and highlight the

point that you do need to edit

now in this case i did forget to add my


uh what my conversion was right so i’m

saying okay i’m gonna come

i want a conversion i’m gonna use this

pixel but what did i use right so what

did i use right so

in this case i want to say i want to

complete a purchase

so now i come back and i make sure that

all my data is still correct

i hit next so i’m going to come in here

and now i’m going to do my and my ad


right so this is where you name your ad

right so your name your

if you have one ad to add three ads four

ads or five ads

however many ads you have you can

actually name them at that point

okay so we’ll just call this plc


uh version two

and we’ll call that ad so at this point

we have downloaded our actual we have

downloaded our actual uh

video right so we have our video

downloaded now what i want to do is


upload it and i’m going to upload my

video right here

okay so i’m going to upload it right

here now this already has the music that

we already have

from what we installed from canva so we

don’t have to add any music from tick

tock or we don’t have to do anything

from this

we’re building this straight from canva


easy really simple takes really a couple

minutes it depends on how

creative or not creative you are if

you’re like me you probably don’t want

to be on the actual end of a phone

trying to talk about your business again

again and that sounds funny coming from

somebody that’s making a youtube video

but when it comes down to it

you’re not comfortable on every single

platform right so some people are

and some people aren’t comfortable on


so uh we’ll get click the continue


so this is where you can actually test

your actual audio you can come in here

and see what it looks like

so you can see exactly what it’s going

to look and sound like

now let’s let that finish out

but so this is where you come in and

display the name

put the name right here

plc train in 2020 and you’ll see the

name come up right here

this is where you’ll see the name pop-up

and then you’ll you’ll have your display

text we’ll call this

alan bradley plc


now this is where you’re going to do

your call to action so your call to

action will be a native

platform just like it was in facebook

right so

um you did see me put a link inside of

my canva that’s just something i did on

my canva

so um when it comes down to it that’s

the mp4 version of what i’m doing but

i’m actually

this is where you’re able to add a you

know learn more or sign up here

or subscribe or something of that nature

in this case you can do sign up

um and then what we’ll do we’ll do sign

up and then we’ll come in here and throw

our url in here

now i do want to highlight in this now

make sure you choose the right url make

sure you have the right patterns on it i

want to show you two different instances

so this is one instance where i have the

actual i actually i actually have

the landing page that i first went to

now i do have the terms of service on

this page

on the very bottom i do have the terms

of service i do have a privacy policy

and i

still have my facebook advertising

policy that facebook requires you to

have on that page

now when i did this tick tock originally

did deny this ad two times because of

the simple fact that they needed more

data so what i did is i came back and

picked a different url

that gave more information about what

the product and service i was selling on

tiktok was

now tick tock prefers this even though i

had a terms of service

even though i had the privacy policy

even though i had the information that i

needed to

they would like to know more about your

product and service so the best you can


on your landing page to tell them what

your business is

and is not is going to help you with

your advertising so they did deny my ad

when i first did it so i’m going to

actually come up here and grab

the second url and i wanted to highlight

that fact because

again things do change with advertising

platforms but

right now currently in uh december of

2020 again going into 2021

this is exactly the way that they are

working so i’m going to paste that link

in there

i’m going to come up here and i’m going

to upload a

image uh and this is just an image that

you would

you know basically if you uh the little


little bubble image that you would have

on your actual uh tic toc

you know ad or whatever the case maybe

it could be you as a face it could be

your business logo

it could be whatever the case may be

this is the profile

image so um with that said this comes in

and all this uh you can actually add

third-party tracking if you want to you

can add a third-party tracking and then

go from

there um i’m not going to do that i’m

just going to use tik-tok as a tik-tok

platform i’m not going to tie any other

platform with it

i’m going to see how this works and see

how this progresses

but again when it comes down to it this

is how how you’re making a tick tock ad


so at this point you want to submit your

tick tock ad

and now it’s going to go congratulations

now it’s going to go into review

now your review process again when it

comes down to it

you’ll see all the ones that got deleted

this is uh actually show it does show

deleted so that’s that’s a very very


uh factor but you’ll easily see that


ad now is going to be in that i have one

that’s active

and i have one that is in review right

so these right here

actually have deleted so i’m going to

highlight these

and what we’ll do is i want to come back

and delete these again

because it doesn’t seem like they


it failed update status so this is

deleted so let’s turn that off

it may just be but you know a little bit

of a cache or something that’s

inside of the system so but again when

it comes out to it um

i just wanted to show you that this is

the reason so this is exactly what i was

talking about earlier

when i made a couple different ads i had

them going to the one url

which did not according to the tick tock

policy that ad policy

did not give enough information on the

actual product

right so what they were doing was they

were saying okay you have a terms of


they kind of give a vague illustration

of okay well you

need to have a terms of service you need

to have a privacy policy and you do need

to speak about your product

so um what this was doing is i had two

out of three of those and i was kind of

confused at why

they weren’t approving my ad so what i

did is i made a couple different


to see where it was and see what was

going on to see where you know i could


improve or make things better so i can

get my ad approved

uh when it came down to it it was as

simple as

making that small tweak and giving more


on my product so if you have that


you need to make sure you have good

adequate understanding of what your

product is

and is not you need to make sure you

have a terms of service and you need to

make sure you have a privacy policy

now these are natural things that you

would have on uh

any kind of advertising platform but

again so if you’re already advertising

on google

then you can do that right you google

ads you already know these things

if you’re doing on facebook facebook’s a

little bit lacks when it comes to things

like this so

you may or may not be aware that you

need to have all of your ducks in a row

as far as that goes tick tock being a

little bit more progressive

and a little about a little bit more uh

you know understanding

as far as like saying we need to know

about your product right

your product service or whatever you’re

selling right so what you’re doing is


now in the current state that it’s in

this is the very top one we did right


this is the very top one it is not

delivering right now

but it is in the the review process


and just another key thing that you can

actually do to actually

indicate that it is in the review

process is go back to your ad group

and then select your ad group that says

the one that is not delivering

again this is sort of the reason why i

built it from scratch to show you the

campaign level

to show you the ad group which is your

ad set if you would think about as a

facebook ad

then this is your ad group so this is

the ad group and then your ads will be

under that actual group so you can come

in here and highlight that

and then come over here to your ad group

and it’s only going to show that one

actual ad right so at that point

as soon as it gets approved you’re going

to actually see it in the approved

status now i already have one in the

approve status

which is right here so we’re going to

come in here and show that

and then this will actually show now you

can come over here

and see the preview now you can see this


uh in tick tock or wherever the case may

be so you can actually open it

in tik tok itself and see the preview


so again when it comes down to it making

the ad as soon as it gets approved you

are able to view it

now i want to highlight if you do not

have it approved like again

if it is in the review state that is

this ad is currently in

it’s in the review state if it’s in the

review state

now what’s going to happen is you’re not

going to be able to view it

as a simple ad right so you’re not going

to have the view option

until it is actually approved so

again when it comes down to it i want to

give you a couple highlights and couple

things uh about the you know the tick

tock uh

platform and how things work because

again when it comes down to it you could


um you know confused about why your ads

not approved

and why your ad you know maybe not

showing as far as you know like a

preview or

or whatever the case may be now when it

comes down to it this is a very simple

process right so

if you’re familiar with facebook ads you

know tick tock is really really going to

be a simple thing for you

now signing up for tick tock is really

really simple you just sign up put all

your information in put your credit card

information in or whatever your

advertising billing is

and you literally can start from there

there are really no limitations like

there were with facebook

so when it comes to facebook um you know

you had to have

you know spend so much money then they

allow you to do certain things

spend so much money they allow you to do

certain things so far what i see with

tick tock

is you’re allowed to do this straight

from scratch you’re allowed to you know

start advertising at twenty dollars a

day or more

if that’s the case for you now again the

more ads the better

but again when it comes down to it i

want to personally test out my system

and make sure that things are you know

actually good as well and working the

way they should now

approval on ads do take up to anywhere

from 30 minutes

maybe even up to an hour or two hours so

this last ad when i got it

active and got it approved it did take

up to

i think 30 minutes um and then out you

know it came in so i don’t want to


you know stop you know and stop allow

this video to keep going

and you know actually uh take up your

time so with all that being said

this was actually hopefully get

hopefully got a lot out of the video

you know how to do things how to how to

actually go back and if you

missed a certain things like you know

you you start you you actually

went and started building a tick tock ad


using this video then make sure you do

things and make sure you understand the

way things are if you get it disapproved

don’t worry there is no way to actually

go back and get it approved

as far as that goes just copy it down

and change the links

and change that so what i mean by that

is if you come up here

you can copy this ad and make copies of

that specific ad if you want to

and then then you would go back in edit

that ad

right so when you come back and do that

you you necessarily wouldn’t throw it in

review again

what you would do is basically copy that

ad delete the other one

and then move forward right now that is

the current state that it is in

at least from what i found in uh as of

december 25th 2020.

now when you go into 2021 things do

change with advertising

left and right so again please

understand that is the current state of

what we just did

right there so hopefully got a lot out

of this video and we’ll see you guys

on the next one

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