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Video: Top 10 KDP Book Niches For 2021

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Hey everyone, in this video, I’m going to give you my top 10,

no content book niches that are easy to create,

are making decent sales,

one in particular selling over 8,000 books a month and don’t have a huge

amount of competition. So if you’re a seasoned publisher on Amazon KDP,

or just are starting out and looking to break into this online,

money-making passive income, creating business,

then follow along as I give you my top 10 selections.

Now you may notice a change in the background and that’s because I’ve just moved

to Australia and I’m currently in a 14 day quarantine

hotel. So bear with me for the moment. Now,

if you’ve not been here before then welcome to the channel.

My name is Paul Marles and I do videos on how to make it, keep it and grow it.

And that’s your money I’m talking about. So if you do like videos like that,

then please do give it a thumbs up,

hit the subscribe button and smash that notification bell to receive

notification of when I produce more videos like this. So first of all,

what do I mean by no content books? Well,

they are books that don’t have any words or writing in them.

The most common ones, that most people are familiar with,

are those plain blank line journals and notebooks that you can buy almost

everywhere. But we are not going to be looking at lines notebooks in this video.


we are going to be looking at some types of books you may not have thought about

that are selling pretty well on Amazon.

If you’re wondering how to even get started in this business,

I’ll leave a link to my book publishing tutorials here on YouTube,

down below in the description.

The books I’m going to show you are selling around at least a hundred a month,

and some,a lot more,

with one selling around 8,000 a month and bringing in the publisher around

$2,000 a month, which I think you’ll agree is pretty good.

I calculate the book sales using the tool at,

which I find actually under reports sales and the higher end of the figure I

give you is probably more accurate.

Now one of the issues with these types of books is that they are a lot easier to

create the many of those low content books.

And you can create many covers for the same type of book without issues of

duplicate content. So, as a result,

some publishers will produce lots of these types of books and flood the market

with rubbish and also sell them very cheap,

which I don’t recommend.

I haven’t come across a single successful publisher using this particular

technique. I’m in a few of these niches myself.

And I usually sell my books at $6.99 and they sell very well

I’ve mentioned in previous videos, but if it’s a low price,

customers don’t necessarily think they are getting a bargain.

They just think it is cheap and poor quality,

even though they’re all being printed by the same company, Amazon.

Most customers don’t actually know that.

So I’d prefer to sell a slightly lower number with a bigger profit margin.

But at the end of the day, the choice is yours. So how do I find these books?

Well, I went through Book Bolt,

which has my favorite niche searching tool called The Cloud,

which is great for looking up those bestselling books and niches.

It doesn’t list them all, but I use it to come up with ideas for my next books.

I also looked at the interiors on Tangent Templates and searched them on Amazon.

And I also used my own list of niches that I’ve built up over the last three

years as I’ve come across them.

I keep them as a list on Microsoft To Do which I recommend you do the same as

you will normally come across many different types of interesting books

that have both high paying and in under saturated markets.

And you’ll find these as you do your own research on Amazon.

Then I came up with my list of top 10 books,

which I put into a spreadsheet,

that are selling well and have low competition keywords.

You may find that the main search term,

which is the root keyword has a lot of search results and therefore competitors

on Amazon.

But if you follow the principles outlined in my keyword research video,

which I’ll leave a link to below,

then you’ll find these keywords that are easier to rank for,

but are still getting sales.

So I’m going to list them in order of number of sales,

made by books listed via the KDP platform, with the lowest first.

And then I’ll tell you where you can get these interiors and some for free.

If you want to skip straight to that, or to a particular niche,

then you can see them if you hover over the timeline below.

All the tools and videos mentioned in this video,

I’ll also link to in the description below. So make sure to check those out.


So for the first niche and that’s the calligraphy practice paper books.

Now these are books that have sheets of paper that people can practice their

calligraphym in. The best-selling book I found has a best sellers rank of


which equates to selling around 39 to 100 a month, which is okay,

considering how quick you can actually create one of these books.

As with all books I’m going to show you,

the interiors are very basic and easy to find.

Calligraphy practice paper has 2000 Amazon search results,

which is a little on the high side, but with research,

you’ll find those less competitive keywords.

And if you look at the cover designs, they vary, but you know, are pretty basic.

Next is a dot grid notebook.

Many know these as bullet point journals,

but that is actually a trademarked term. So use dot grid journal instead.

These are pages of lots of small dots and they’re used for many different

purposes. I actually use these types of books myself.

Now the main search term has a more respectable 1000 search results.

And so is easier to rank for on Amazon.

And so your book has a better chance of being found by customers. Again,

cover designs are basic,

but you are in competition with these non KDP publishers like these here.

The next up is the guitar tab notebook used by musicians to write down lyrics

and guitar tablature, used for playing chords on the guitar.

Now search results are of 1000, which is good.

And there are a variety of different cover types.

The KDP book that is selling the best has a best sellers rank of


which equates to around 90 to 180 sales per month.

At number four is the isometric graph paper used by engineers, mathematicians,

and designers.

This has a very low number of Amazon search results of 436 and the bestseller on

the first page as a best sellers rank of 25,762

and selling about 160 to 330 months.

So that’s a good one to look into.

Many of the books have the isometric graph pattern on the front cover,

which seems to be a common theme.

So maybe do something different in order to stand out from the competition.

Next is the sketch book.

On Book Bolt this always pops up as a number one bestseller on their list.

If I do a basic search for sketch book,

the best-selling one on the first page has a best sellers rank of 24,342

equating to selling about 100 to 150 a month.

These probably have the most basic interior of all.

The pages are virtually blank,

but not completely blank as KDP won’t accept that. For the basic search term

the search results are 3000, so a bit more competitive,

but I’ve done a video specific to this niche,

which are linked to below and have low competition keywords listed in my Gumroad

shop, again, link below. Now number six is the graph paper notebook,

which is one you’re probably more familiar with.

Used by people to make normal notes and people like engineers and mathematicians

also. 2000 search results for graph paper composition notebook.

But this is a niche I’m in and there are many more lower competition keywords,

if you do your research.

The best-selling KDP book on this page has a rank of 13,626

and selling 290 to 570 a month.

So we’re really getting into the decent money mark.

Now next up is the Kanji practice paper notebook used by

customers to write their Japanese writing in and practice their Japanese


The best-selling KDP book as a best sellers rank of 15,934

and selling between 300 to 600 per month.

And the search results are only 586. So again,

a good one to look at. Many of the covers, understandably,

have a Japanese theme to them.

Next to eight is the primary storage journal aimed at kids.

Here they write story and also draw pictures in the

blank box. So pretty basic interior.

You could easily create this yourself if you wanted to.

Most of the covers are children themed with things like unicorns and

dinosaurs and the search results come at 1000.

The best seller on this page has a rank of 8,105,

selling 450 to 900 a month,

which is very nice. Now at number nine, the blank comic book. Again,

I’ve done a video on this niche, link below,

and also have keywords listed for this in my Gumroad shop.

This is another niche I’m in and is pretty competitive. However,

that are lower competitive keywords available that still get good search numbers

per month. Most of these books are published on KDP.

All have a similar theme to the cover and the best seller ranks at 1,554

selling 1,600 to 3,200 per month.

So now we’re getting into the big income league here if you like.

Now lastly is the cursive handwriting workbook niche. Again,

I’ve done a video on this and the potential income is huge with the best-selling

KDP published book,

having a rank of 388 and selling 4,200 to

8,300 a months.

That’s an upward figure of about $2,000 a month at this particular price.

And that’s pure profit, which I think you’ll agree is pretty fantastic.

Now this book is only selling at $3.99, which is pretty low.

So you’ll probably find there are actually others on that page selling less,

but making way more as their books are priced higher. And for the main keyword,

there are still only 1000 search results with many keywords with search results,

less than this, which are easier to rank for. If you want to look at this,

then again, links below in the description.

Now I know some of the sales figures will trigger some people who will complain

that it’s it’s impossible. Markets are saturated, blah, blah, blah.

That’s fine. If so,

take a look at other methods of making money online and publishing.

I always take the view that it’s a person,

a human being like me and you that has ranked their book highly in that niche.

So it’s not impossible. Just consider.

Do you think that book will be ranked number one in three,

five or maybe 10 years? The answer is probably no.

Someone will come along who creates a better book, a better cover,

spends more money on advertising and why not make it you.

But that’s also the other thing, some people think that advertising is bad.

Like this business is not real,

it’s a scam because you have to advertise your book, but it’s called marketing.

And it’s how the biggest brands in the world build the biggest brands in the


It’s as though some people think that a business is a scam if it requires any

investment of time, effort, and money.

This business is by no means a get rich quick scheme.

For what it’s worth I didn’t place an ad on a single book until about two

years after publishing my first book and still managed to build an income of a

few thousand dollars a month.

So where can you get these interiors from? Well,

you could create them yourself, obtain some of them for free off Book Bollt,

or pay for them off Creative Fabrica or Tangent Templates.

Just do a search for the interior on C.reative Fabrica and I’ll guarantee that

you’ll find it talking of which they are running a special spring promo deal

of an all access subscription of just $1 for the first month,

but it hasn’t got that long to run. And in fact,

by the time you watch this video, it may have run out.

So go and check that out in case it’s still running. Now,

when I started many of these resources weren’t available and I created the

interiors myself using Adobe illustrator. So you can also do that,

especially if you’re on a tight budget and use free software like Inkscape.

One of the secrets to getting your books seen by customers and therefore making

sales is using the right keywords in your titles and subtitles.

If you want to get started on how I do my keyword research,

then watch this video next, which explains the whole process I go through.

Thank you very much for your time. It’s very much appreciated.

And until next time, goodbye.

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